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More Than Aware Hair Donation

written by asidress février 20, 2018

One day while going through my feed on Facebook I came across a video of a little girl donating her hair to an association that works for creating wigs for little girls that has a hair loss problem, I  was so touched by the video that it made me want to donate my hair too, the problem was that in Morocco it wasn’t easy to do because there was no organisation that did the same. I thought about cutting my hair and sending it but I didn’t trust the process, I also thought about doing it while traveling abroad but it just never happened.

When I came to Suzhou, I wanted to cut my hair and then the idea of donating came up again … After some researches i found More Than Aware which is an association that empowers women to be proactive in the prevention and recovery of breast cancer.

Hair is just hair, it grows up again and donating it to another person that doesn’t have a chance to have their own hair will make them so happy. Giving something as simple as you hair and which you will grow back in few months anyways will make someones life. Think about it, the pros of it is that you will get a new hair cut and a new style <3 

If you are interested by donating your hair too, you can do it from Morocco or anywhere else and send it to wherever you want. I can help you with the process just leave ma a comment and if you are in Shanghai please contact More than aware (website : http://morethanaware.com) they are so helpful they will explain to you everything, they also organise to activities that you may help them with.






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Benhammou houyam juin 2, 2018 at 3:40


I am planning to donate my hair and me to from Morocco. Any idea how I can do it?

asidress juillet 21, 2018 at 8:54

Hello Houyam,

Sorry for being so late in my answer. I dont know how you can do it from Morocco, but i’m currently living in France and what i can suggest to you is that you cut and keep your hair, choose whatever organisation you want to donate it to around the world and i’ll do it for you from France.
I’ll pick up the hair from you once in Morocco and when i’ll be back in France i’ll send it. If you prefer we can even look for an organisation together.
I hope this will help you and i’m looking forward to hear from you soon.
Bisouuuus ma belle <3


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