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written by asidress décembre 15, 2017

On a long weekend of December, with my friend Daniella, we decided at the last minute to visit Milan, that’s also one of the many pros of living in south of France, Milan was just few hours away.

When Daniella first proposed Milan, It soundedd perfect to me as I have never been there, I’ve been to Rome one time and I’ve immediately felt in love with it so visiting Italy for second time was something that I had to do while living so close to it, plus i’ve heard so many things about this beautiful city and it’s known for its fashion too I didn’t need more argument to be convinced, it was time to visit Milan, how have I not done it way before !!!!! 😀

Since we didn’t have much time and we decided to go at the last minute, we just had the time to stay there for 24 hours and we tried to make the most out of it. We arrived, checked-in at the airbnb that we took and we went to piazza del duomo right away to see the cathedral and galleria Vittorio Emanuele … very impressive … went to a restaurant to have dinner and then we danced all night in a nightclub in Garibaldi of which I forgot the name.

On the second day we just had time to go back to the cathedral take some pictures and then take the bus back to Antibes :s

It was short but amazinnggg and unforgettable …. Italy see you soooonn <3



Gnocchis are a must when in Milan






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