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written by asidress octobre 10, 2017

On my first month of being in France i went to visit my sweet little cousin and love of my life in Lyon.

I arrived on Friday late at night and i was kind of tired so i didn’t want to do anything and we decided to just stay home and chitchat. on the second day, unlucky that i got it was raining for the whole day so we couldn’t go sightseeing and city visiting what we did instead it to take our time in getting ready and heading straight to lunch. Yousra took me to a wonderful Salmon speciality restaurant called “The salmon shop”, I love salmon normally i like smoked salmon but that one was so delicious i definitely recommend and will go back to it fo shoooo.


First things first, it was sooo delicious !!


It was raining that day, and following the forecast it was going to rain the whole afternoon. So I had to make sure to order something that would last all that time

On the second and last day, the weather was a lot better so we went to visit the old town and the big cathedral in Lyon from where you get to see the whole city :



We took this thing to go there where we met a very funny old man :D

On the way back from the cathedral we were just visiting around and we decided to stop and take some outfits pictures :

DSC_0016DSC_0045 DSC_0056 DSC_0087

I hope you enjoy this articles, Talk to you soon !!



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