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written by asidress septembre 15, 2017

In the beginning of September 2017 I took a new step in my life which is to do a master degree in the field of luxury and fashion, something that i’ve always dreamt to be involved in and exactly what i’m born to do <3 (Haha). This master happens to be in France and more exactly in Antibes a little small but beautiful city in South of France, Cote d’azur !! To be franc with you at the beginning when i was applying i was like “if it’s gonna be France i want nothing but Paris or i better stay where i am … ” (With rolling my eyes right and left) After a discussion with myself and with some of my loved ones i took my brat self aside and gave her a life talk (you got to show some toughness from time to time !! LOL ) so few months later i found myself in Antibes, a city between Nice and Cannes that i’ve never heard before but so much worth it.

Thinking about it now i’m really happy that it went that way and not as it was planned otherwise i wouldn’t have never or maybe later discovered this amazing city. IN ANTIBES IT FEELS LIKE SUMMER DIDNT END <3


At sunset it was unbelievably beautiful !!


Filled with cute narrow streets

IMG_1836 IMG_2003


My beloved bed <3


Tons of cute dogs <3

Tons of mirror selfiesss tooo :
IMG_1785 IMG_1818 IMG_1881 IMG_1885




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