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We Went Skydiiviinngg !!!!

written by asidress avril 18, 2017

Few days before I hit my 25th birthday, on the 3rd April to be exact, I decided along with my friend Sara from the youtube channel “Makeup Slayer” to do an amazing experience which is SkyyyyDDDIIIVVIIIINNGGG !!!!! wuuuuttt ???!!!

The experience in itself wasn’t really scary to me at least, because you don’t get to jump by yourself there is a professional skydiver that does it with you so I knew that nothing tragic would possibly happen, the worst that could happen it to get something broken and the chances were really looww. Obviously on the moment of the jump, I was having second thoughts like what did I do ?? where did I put myself into ? (you get to see the expressions on my face in the vid on the moment of the jump, the freaking ouuut was reallllll :D) but it’s normal I guess when you are 4000 meters up in the air you get second thoughts, then the next thing i was thinking was : “ok, there is no going back now, you have to get through it just close your eyes and the next you’ll know you’ll be done with it” and that’s exactly what happened.

The falling was really great, you feel free ( but not too much because remember you’re still hanged to someone duuhh) I did it in Benimellal in club called Pacma Beni Mellal (i’ll leave all the info’s below) so I got to see the whole Benimellal from above : the mountains, beautiful landscapes, the little cars, houses, cute tiny little peoplleeee dowwwnnn there on the streets living their lives, breathing fresh air mixed with some clouds (haha) … it was great, really great i would definetely do it again, i’ll probably get second thoughts but it’s definitely worth it <3


Club : Pacma Beni Mellal

Period : Seasonal from December to April

where to get in touch with them :

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/www.pacma.ma  / https://www.facebook.com/omar.benizi.9

Website : http://www.pacma.ma



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